Fresh Season, Fresh Program!


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Growing food is really the perfect metaphor for life, isn't it? You are following your farmer's almanac to the letter and minding your grandmothers age-old advice: plant when the snow leaves Mt. Spokane...knee high by the fourth of July... You know what I mean. Everything is going according to plan when out of no where comes the biggest hail storm our area has seen in years. And then what? Well, you assess and form a new plan and plant again. Farmers and gardeners are resilient types because nature requires it.

When working with our youth participants, we are working to foster that same sense of resilience. It is our mission to enrich and empower the youth of our community to be powerful voices in their lives and in their community, regardless of what storms may lie ahead. This is a resilience born of hope, possibility and a deeply rooted sense of self. 

We have a lot to be excited about as we embark on the 2018 growing season. We have been working diligently to develop a dynamic and vibrant curriculum that focuses not only on the basics of job training and farm ecology, but on leadership and food justice as well. We have expanded opportunities for youth engagement and training through our Youth Crew Leadership Program designed for our older, returning crew members. This program expands each participants leaderships knowledge and skills in order that they will be engaged in decision-making and empowered to lead younger participants.


Youth Supervisors at the Market

Resilience of young people, communities and even organizations happens when others show up and lend their support. Your participation in this cultivation of spirit can take many forms — visit us at Kendall Yards and Emerson Garfield Farmers Market. Ask our youth about what they have grown and what their favorite recipes are and then purchase some produce to share with your family. Hire our lawn crew to mow your yard or business. Join our network of volunteers that support us on our farms, with our events or in our office. Donate what you can — your support ensures young people in West Central get the community connection, mentorship and hands-on education they need to thrive. 

By donating the cost paying a youth participant's stipend — for one week or the entire season — you make a direct impact in the life of a young person. 

Thank you for your continued support of River City Youth Ops. I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Dena Carr