The Beehives Have Arrived

The first Saturday in April found a few Youth Participants hard at work building beehives with the West Plains Beekeepers Association.

In this case ‘dress for success’ means protective gear – jackets, veils, and elbow-length gloves. They’re not the easiest items to take on and off but they were still a hit.

Each 3-pound package holds approximately 10,000 honeybees and a queen. Yes, Malik is holding 10,000 live bees!

Kevin Oldenburg of the West Plains Beekeepers Association looks on as Malik begins his first hive (left). Newly-certified beekeeper Jenifer Priest hangs a queen’s cage between the frames of another.

After the queen is inside the rest of the bees are shaken into the hive after her (left) and the lid set into place. The shaking of the bees is Malik’s favorite part.

The installation went well and teams of Youth are checking the hives regularly. Soon both the hives and the gardens will be flourishing.

Project Hope would like to thank BeeManiacsMiller’s HomesteadTate’s Honey Farm, the Mead, WA location of North 40 Outfitters, the Community Building Foundation and St. David’s Episcopal Church for their generous support of this new program.